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Bullitt County Veterinary Center
Canine Wellness Program

Vaccinations and care for puppies from 6 weeks of age through adulthood

The Wellness Programs at Bullitt County Veterinary Center have been structured by our doctors and staff to promote the best health care for puppies and adult dogs at the least cost to the pet owner. By following our programs you can feel confident about the health of your pet, while receiving extra benefits.

Services other than those listed are at an extra cost to the owner.
Pets must be kept up to date to receive benefits.
Sick pets do not qualify to use the FREE WELL PET exam.

Adult Dog Wellness - $108


Distemper Combo Vaccination
Bordetella Vaccination
Rabies Vaccination
Internal Parasite Exam
Heartworm Combo Test
PCV--Test for Anemia
Nail trim (Extra if assistance required)


Puppies require a series of vaccinations to build their immune system against diseases. Completing the series is important as they are not fully protected until they have received ALL of their vaccinations.

6,8,10 weeks $41 Exam, Distemper Combo Vaccination, Fecal Exam, Dewormer
12,14 weeks $46 Exam, Distemper/lepto/corona vaccination
And fecal exam
16 weeks $64

Exam, Rabies, Distemper /lepto/corona, Bordetella vaccinations
Fecal exam

18,20,22 weeks $6 Parvo Vaccination
24 weeks $14 Parvo and Bordetella Vaccinations


  • FREE vaccination reminders
  • 10% discount on all flea products and heartworm preventatives
  • Free nail trims (unless assistance required)
  • Free magazine to remind you when your pet's vaccinations are due
  • FREE Well Pet Exam as recommended by the AVMA

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